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Control Joint

The MAR-FLEX Control-Joint System is designed to eliminate "Random Shrinkage Cracks: by creating vertical control-joints on both sides of the foundation walls. To ensure further protection, a watertight, outside control-joint is created when filled with MAR-FLEX Waterstop Elastomeric Sealant and protected by MAR-FLEX Fiberglass Fabric Reinforcement. Residential basements converted to "Lower Living Spaces" require foundation walls that are watertight and waterproofed. The MAR-FLEX Control-Joint System provides an economical, easy to use system for eliminating "Random Shrinkage Cracks" which are generally unavoidable, uncontrollable, unsightly and will leak water if not planned for ahead of time. 

  • Isolates shrinkage cracking and eliminates "Random Shrinkage Cracking"
  • Reusable plastic extrusion, which easily attaches to the edge of any concrete forming system
  • Installed in pre-planned locations in the foundation wall
  • The "v" point creates "inducement" for shrinkage in a vertical line
  • Available in 8', 9' and 10' lengths, with 1-1/8" or 2" mounting flange







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