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A quality-built home begins at the very foundation of the structure. The footing, a concrete "channel" outlining the basement perimeter,

goes in before the slab of the foundation acting as the base of the basement walls. Form-A-Drain from CertainTeed not only serves as a superior footing -- it also functions to drain water and evacuate dangerous radon gas.

CertainTeed's Form-A-Drain is a permanently installed system that forms footings, drains foundations and provides a sub-slab perimeter radon evacuation system.
Quality Features
Why choose Form-A-Drain? This revolutionary foundation system is better for several reasons:

Drainage system is parallel to the footing and below the foundation wall
Drainage system cannot sag or crimp
Greater water intake capacity
Level installation
Drainage on both the inside and outside of footing
Strong, rigid PVC construction
Less time to install
Immediate drainage capability
Conforms to EPA code
Form-A-Drain is manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) using a high content of preconsumer recycled materials. A Form-A-Drain system is composed of 12' lineals and a variety of fittings and accessories.
Form-A-Drain represents the most modern thinking in foundation construction. As a foundation, Form-A-Drain:

Relieves hydrostatic pressure on walls, reducing risk of cracking
Reduces the risk of blockage or uneven draining
Minimizes the possibility of water infiltration
Reduces certain material and labor costs
Accommodates virtually any foundation layout

A typical Form-A-Drain layout provides a superior footing; channels water into a sump pit or channels it outside; and provides a means of ventilating radon gas in areas where radon is a potential hazard.



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