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What can Conspec do for you?

Conspec markets chemical and cement products used in the concrete construction business throughout North America. Strategically located in Kansas City, Conspec manufactures and supplies products to stocking distributors in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and overseas, allowing you to get the products you need quickly and efficiently.

Components of the Conspec System can be combined to create cost-effective solutions to unique problems in specialty markets. Conspec provided a complete systems approach to tilt-up construction in the 1.6 million sq. ft. Eddie Bauer Speigel Distribution Facility in Columbus, Ohio, by combining the industry's leading bondbreaker, Conspec Tilt-Eez™, with a compatible Conspec cure, floor hardener, sealer and control joint filler.


Conspec - a proud part of Dayton Superior

Conspec is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dayton Superior Chemical Division. By combining our knowledge and talents with Dayton Superior, we have over 400 years of experience to better serve our customers.

Dayton Superior is the nation's leading producer of concrete chemical systems, concrete forming systems, metal concrete accessories, masonry accessories, and highway paving products. Collectively, Conspec and the Dayton Superior Chemical Division form the basis for the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions to solve concrete construction and repair problems.

Dayton Superior Chemical Division products are distributed throughout North America and globally by the largest, best-backed and trained dealer/distributor network in the construction supply industry supported by over 25 factory service centers and manufacturing locations.

Dayton Superior Chemical Division markets products under several trade names:
Dayton-Superior Chemical (
Symons (
American Highway Technology (
Conspec Marketing and Manufacturing (
Burke by Edoco (












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