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Sonotube Fibre Forms
Sonotube fibre forms are made from many layers of high-quality fiber, spirally wound and laminated with a special adhesive. The inside coatings vary according to various uses. Because our Sonotube forms are lightweight, they can be erected and braced easily. Standard sizes can be erected manually. Sonotube fibre forms are one-piece units; therefore, there are no fabrication or assembly costs. They can be cut or sawed right on the job to fit beams and allow for utility outlets.

Special uses
Sonotube fibre forms have a variety of special uses.

  • Columns Sections of a Sonotube form can be used in forming plaster, half-round, quarter-round and ob-round columns. In forming such columns, the form section is used in connection with a plywood or wooden form. Jigs or form clamps are utilized.
  • Stub piers Sonotube forms are also used as stub piers for elevated ramps, outdoor signs, pole and fence-pole bases, flagstones and round steps.


  • Lightweight, easy to handle, fast-forming method
  • Easily sawed to proper length on job site-can be cut to tie in with walls or beams, drilled for tie-in rods or anchor bolts, or scored for utility outlets
  • Any number of columns can be set, poured at one time. Variety of types to meet different forming needs
  • Placing, bracing, pouring, stripping and finishing require less time, less labor. Skilled labor not required as with permanent forms
  • One-piece, one-time use form
  • No cleaning
  • No re-oiling
  • No reassembling
  • No return shipping
















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