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Picket Ornamental Iron Fence

Monumental Iron Picket fencing is a modular steel product, galvanized inside and out. It's many components are designed to support each other, so that when fully assembled they create the strongest ornamental fence on the market. A powder-coat finish provides superior corrosion resistance, while also making the picket fencing virtually maintenance-free. Choose from a complete selection of styles, options, and colors available from no other manufacturer.

Designs: Imperial Style Picket Ornamental Fence Imperial Style A simple but elegant traditional picket fence design in which each picket top is enclosed by the top rail.
Estate Style Picket Ornamental Fence Estate Style More contemporary in design, each picket projects above the top rail for additional security. Five picket tops are available.
Old Towne Series Picket Ornamental Fence Old Towne Series The look of handcrafted, custom-built fencing in a selection of unique styles and options.
Fortifier Style Picket Ornamental Fence Fortifier Style  






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